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Code : CNC 10

Range : Potable Water Test Kit / Coliform Test Kit / E.Coli Test Kit

Price(Rs) : 1500

Product Details

Water contaminated with bacteria is a major cause of water-borne disease in humans. Enteric diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, gastroenteritis, cholera, etc. are caused by the tiny menaces viz bacteria. Detecting these dangerous but unseen predators is quite a tough task and normally it is the domain of the white coated microbiologist who works amidst sterile conditions and a lot of hush hush secrecy.


No longer! Modern science has now made testing so easy and convenient. Just do it yourself


Our unique water potability test kit helps you detect coli form group of bacteria with ease and convenience.

These coliform bacteria are found in sewage as they are present in the intestine of man and animal and are generally accompanied by the harmful disease causing bacteria. ChekNsee helps to check water from all kinds of sources viz. taps, purifiers, coolers, storage tanks, rivers, ponds, springs etc. This extremely simple and convenient test can be carried out by anybody, anywhere i.e. homes, offices, factories, shops, banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.


No. of Tests per Kit : 10


How to Test?


Step 1:- Media pouches & Sterile Bottle


Step 2:- Cut open both the pouches carefully.


Step 3:- Pour the contents of both pouches into the bottle


Step 4:- Water upto the red arrow mark.


Step 5:- Keep in a warm place for 18 to 24 hours.


Step 6:- Then observe the colour of liquid in bottle.


Result: - If the colour remains violet water is Potable, Else if it turns yellow water is Not Potable.

Note: Conclude the test Results in 24 hours.



ChekNsee is designed to National and International Standards for Coliform test limits in Drinking Water (Nil/1ooml) & following are few references for the Drinking Water Standard across the globe.

  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS-10500)
  • World Health Organization (Guidelines)
  • Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA)
  • European Council Directive (98/83/EC)


Certified By

ChekNsee is tested and certified by major testing facilities in India.

  • Government Laboratory & Institutes
  • NABL Approved Laboratories
  • Premium Institutes & Research Centres



B.S.K. TECHNOLOGIES Employee Skills and Experience Ensure best quality of this product.



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