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B.S.K Manganese Test Kit

Code : AE 410

Range : 0.025-0.4 mg/l as Manganese

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 950

Product Details

Manganese is a mineral that naturally occurs in rocks /soil and it is found in iron-bearing waters but is more rare than iron. When manganese is present in water, it produces extremely objectionable stains on everything with which it comes in contact & deposits collect in pipelines, tap water containing black sediment and turbidity due to precipitated manganese. When fabrics are washed in manganese-bearing water, dark brown or black stains are formed due to the oxidation of the manganese. The International Drinking Water Regulations recommend a limit of 0.05 mg/l manganese &  industrial purposes the manganese content should not exceed 0.01 to 0.02 mg/l. Therefore monitoring of Manganese is mandatory in drinking water & our Manganese water test is one of its kinds and works on the simple Colour Comparison principle.

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