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B.S.K Nitrifying/Denitrifying Bacteria Test-BS130

Code : BS-130

Range : Nitrifying/Denitrifying Bacteria

Price(Rs) : 2000

Product Details

Nitrifying bacteria are autotrophic and are responsible for the conversion of Ammonia to Nitrates. These then produce Nitric Acid. Some of the Species can
be particularly troublesome in Cooling systems as they form Zoogloea, masses of the organisms embedded in slime. Nitrifying Bacterial species are
generally found in FertilizerIndustries, where the Ammonia ingress in Water is high.

Denitrifying Bacteria work in the reverse way by reducing Nitrates to NItrites and then to Ammonia.
These Bacteria are detrimental to Close Systems, where Nitrite based Corrosion Inhibitors are used.

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