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B.S.K Fluoride Test Kit- AE210

Code : AE 210

Range : 0.1-2.0, 1-20 mg/l as Fluoride

Category : Water Test Kits

Price(Rs) : 1730

Product Details

Fluoride occurs naturally in all types of water. Typically, surface waters and seawaters have low concentration of fluoride while groundwater may contain high levels of fluoride as it may be exposed to many inorganic fluoride-containing minerals. Fluoride salts are also frequently encountered in many industrial applications. Fluoride is important in drinking water as excessive fluoride cause mottling. A permissible limit has been laid down for fluoride therefore analysis of fluoride is mandatory in drinking water. Our fluoride water test is one of its kinds and works on the titrimetric principle. The end point is a clear yellow.

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